With an eye to the future, Sheridan's Research Centres, faculty-led research and classrooms are building better health care through extraordinary innovations.

Using VR technology to simulate real-world scenarios

Sheridan's Practical Nursing program is using immersive VR technology to simulate dynamic scenarios that can't be replicated with a mannequin.

Supporting older adults with innovative immersive technologies

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The use of immersive VR technology has grown in popularity in social and leisure settings, as well as in health care settings and among the older adult population.

Over the last several years, the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research (CER) has explored innovative uses of this immersive technology collaboratively with long-standing community partners

Developing animated virtual agents for a post-pandemic return

Sheridan staff, faculty and student researchers have worked with a Toronto artificial intelligence company to help develop an animated character that can conduct COVID-19 screenings, interact with users and perform various other tasks without the touch of a button.

Go behind-the-scenes of Sheridan's Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design, where AVA was developed.

Research project spotlights

Our 2020-2021 Research Annual Report showcases the wide-ranging achievements in research, innovation and entrepreneurship projects and activities Sheridan has undertaken in an unprecedented year. See a few highlights below.

Field Sobriety Testing

With industry partner Imaginal, Sheridan’s research teams are developing an eye-tracking software as part of a standardized field sobriety test. The tech includes eye tracking to observe whether a driver’s eyes involuntarily jerk or track with a moving icon display as it moves side-to-side.

Student Athletic Therapists’ Knowledge of Opioid Use and Misuse

Researchers studied what student athletic therapists know about opioids and other pain-relieving medications, and where they receive their information. Their research also assessed whether student athletic therapists could recognize opioid misuse by their athletes.

Enhancing Senior Living Environments with Mobile Technology

Sheridan partnered with PointClickCare Technologies Inc. to develop creative solutions using mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to enhance senior living environments. The research aims to provide monitoring and behavioural analysis of seniors to provide piece of mind to seniors and their caregivers.

Connecting Mobile Technology and Healthcare

A Sheridan research team has developed an application programming interface (API) – a software intermediary – to connect clients with an online appointment booking dashboard (called the “Booking Tool”) from industry partner Caribou Health Technologies.

Researching Memory and Visual Arts

Sheridan is working with Baycrest on research that explores the combined effects of memory training and visual arts activities on memory and brain health in older adults. Results showed most participants retained their memory of concepts that were covered six weeks after the training session, increased their use of lifestyle tools such as meditation, and continued to create art on a regular basis.

Synergy Award for Innovation

Dr. Ed Sykes, Director of the Sheridan Centre for Mobile Innovation, was the recipient of the Synergy Award for Innovation from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

The Centre’s most recent research includes a project to enable remote patient monitoring of vital signs during the COVID-19 pandemic in health care settings and private homes; the development of a mobile app that will help the elderly manage medications for chronic pain; and work to advance the use of mixed reality (a blend of physical and digital environments) to display a patient’s real-time vital signs along with other pertinent data such as results from bloodwork and imaging, and a patient’s medical history, medications and allergies.

Take a look inside Sheridan's Centre for Mobile Innoation

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